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Brink & Campman has been producing quality rugs since 1897. The combination of more than 100 years of experience, knowledge, know-how and a continuous process of product development have built the Brink & Campman brand both locally as well as worldwide.  New collections are created annually; these collections are influenced by important trends and tendencies in fashion, the furniture industry and other related branches. Brink & Campman has specialised itself through the years in 3 types of rugs: Axminster woven rugs, hand-tufted rugs and hand-knotted rugs.

The Axminster-woven rugs are woven in the Netherlands according to a traditional weaving process and are for the most part made up from woollen yarns varying in thickness and structure. An important number of rugs are made with felted or otherwise treated yarns preventing excess shedding. In many cases the combination between structure and colour plays a leading part. Rugs with a design such as Fusion, Hermitage Adore and Spheric are mostly produced in a lower and even pile height (v-pile) opposed to for instance Rocks and Steel which stand out due to the ‘tie-and-dye’ yarns in a more open shaggy structure.

A great number of qualities can also be obtained in custom sizes next to the stocked fixed size programme.

Apart from the woven rug collection Brink & Campman offers a varied and contemporary runner programme that fits both classical as well as modern interiors. The runners are available in 2 widths.

Kodari, Everest and Himali are hand knotted according to the traditional Tibetan highland knotting method in Nepal. Kodari and Everest are made in a beautiful wool blend of 70% New-Zealand wool and 30% Tibetan highland wool that enable rich colours to be used in the Kodari quality. These rich colours are especially apt for the floral and patchwork designs that are characteristic for the Kodari quality. The more ethnically inspired designs in the Himali quality are knotted in hand spun and hand-carded Tibetan wool. This wool is slightly more grey and therefore very suitable for dying the earthy tones typical for the Himali quality.

The tufted rugs in the Brink & Campman collection are mostly made in colourful all-over designs. In the woollen quality Estella artificial silk is often applied to highlight certain aspects within a design. The Xian quality, tufted in Japanese acrylic is very suited for the use of bright, vibrant colours in very outspoken designs. In certain cases ‘carving’ is applied in the hand tufted qualities: the application of a v-shaped cut to highlight the different colours within a design.

Brink & Campman also markets, in license, beautiful rug collections for the well-known English design labels Scion, Harlequin and Sanderson as well as Bluebellgray.

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